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Craftsman Printers has been family owned and operated for more than 50 years.

President, Mike Peters, personally checks color quality and oversees operations. Lance Peters, VP Sales, is happy to deliver the best customer service experience possible.

Nathan Peters, IT, is pleased to assist in all technical needs and file uploading.

An energized team of graphic designers, color proofing engineers, sales members and equipment operators has been on staff for more than 20 years and treats clients like family.  The extra touch means all work is delivered with care: on time, top quality, and crafted with precision.


Rest assured.  We've got you covered.


Almost all of our 30 staff members have been with Craftsman Printers for over 20 years. They lead the way in innovation, strategy, and planning for customers.

Let us serve you.

Family owned & operated.


Map area of were Craftsman Printers covers: Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, with clients all over the US
Working at a desk at Craftsman Printers

The quality and care associated with their products is above all others I have worked with. The company has state-of-the-art equipment, setting them above their competitors.


Coordinator of Alumni Relations

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Texas Tech University

Working at a desk at Craftsman Printers

As a graphic artist, I have worked with several printers in town and it is the consensus among our department that if we want outstanding quality and a job done correctly, we call Craftsman Printers.


Graphic Designer


Marketing Communications Department


Lubbock Christian University

Working at a desk at Craftsman Printers

I have worked with Craftsman Printers, Inc. for more than 20 years in producing many of our major publications, including annual reports, alumni magazines, and other print needs. I am extremely pleased with their competitive pricing, consistent quality of work and professionalism. 


Associate Director


McMurry University

The Environment 

Craftsman Printers is working to make a greener world.

We recycle our paper waste, inks, and solvents.

We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers at affordable prices. 

We use soy and vegetable inks, and VOC free solvents. 

Together, we can make a better world.

Health Insurance Compliance

Craftsman Printers Inc. is currently on a self-funded health insurance plan with UnitedHealthCare. In compliance with the "Transparency In Coverage" rules and regulations, Craftsman Printers is required to post a publicly available link to machine-readable files that include in-network negotiated payment rates and historical out-of-network charges for covered items and services, including prescriptions drugs. Please click on this link provided by UnitedHealthCare to view the machine-readable files :

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